About the Project

The mission of Agharty project is in essence: productive utilization and harmless degradation of any kinds of trash/

That’s all. Nothing else/

Just searching of effective, ultimate and poisonless ways of recycling.

At this moment it is just a voluntary project. It's not begging for your money, it's requesting for your intellectual participation: what personally YOU think we should change in our habits or in technologies of recycling?

                       The name Agharty 

comes from a mythical concept of a sacred city

that is said to be located in the Earth's core

- Agartha - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agartha

The work on a resolving for such big & such new tasks should be started from same big & such new solutions. The questions of waste recycling, water treatment, chemical decomposition, detoxification or decay of dangerous substances - shouldn't be a kind of invisible business of minority. It's not an intimate question anymore. That's a planetarian deed where all people should be sincerely devoted & proud participating on this! The ultimate recycling - is a new stage of the development of our Human Civilization. It should become a paradigm of our Planetarian welfare! Therefore, it is necessary to lay the foundations with all thoroughness and foresight. Moreover, to consider this item as deserving a proper study - the scientific discipline and to see on it a great industrial potential.

This 3D model present itself a sketch for a Center of Recycling and Research of Ambiental Rroblems. This is my personal proposal for a work plan in this project. Without it the project Agharty would be just a pure philosophizing.

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Whole complex has two semantic parts: an overground and an underground. The underground part is functioning as a collector of wastes, a recycling factory & a water treatment station.

The center is designed for round-the-clock work & is focused on the daily reception of visitors.

The diameter of the whole complex of buildings is 165 meters.

The underground part has 5 levels and descends to a depth of about 30 meters.


The overground complex of buildings has a few functions also:

the first - is a researching centre, the second - is an informational centre.

The buildings have a height of about 40 meters and are interconnected by

transport corridors.

In the center of an overground complex - there's a domed structure on supports, reminding a flying saucer - serving as a conference hall.

It is from here that the tour begins in the center, for the visitors who arrived.


The diameter of the domed structure is 56 meters.

The height of the construction from the base-level is 26 meters.

The whole construction is holding on 16 concrete columns.

The dome is made of aluminium, supported on 3 rounded and 12 crossing steel bars.

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Center has 4 entrances for visitors, which start from the an external towers for further high-rise Centre sightseeing tour inside the visitor's funiculars; also has 4 functional entrances for the collaborators.

The export goods of the center should be:

1). production of construction and fuel materials from waste processing products;

2). production of media content devoted to scientific and environmental topics.

Most of the structures will be constructed of recycled plastic, aluminum and concrete.

According to the main idea of the author, the center should have a resource structure of a closed cycle, that is, produce the necessary energy, purified water and purified air for own consumption.

This project has an own story:

it didn't grew up during a few days.

I was working on it for almost 7 years.

A little about the background of the project

Everything began with my first not-commercial project, which was called NON-COMMERCIAL ADVERTISEMENT. It was made as an exhibition of some ridiculous, paradoxical collages (surely, made by me also), with an aim to learn the language of nonverbal communication & to test the options of my Interactivity with a widely-open society of Internet. Yes, luckily, that moment His Majesty Internet was positively react on me & I was inspired to continue to broadcast frankly from my mind. It was almost 10 years ago.

From very beginning I need to confess, that I never look at my works, as on something perfectly finished. I always remaking everything, at least for 3-5 times. I'm always unsatisfied with an result; I'm used to be in a bad mood at the finish of any project of mine, because they'are never such perfect, as I conceived them. So, now you know, that everything you see here now - is not the final version! This web-site, this video-format, this model, this logotype, etc., hope, will transform & evolve, but start from this moment I'd wish to start to work on it already with a team //

The next stage in the development of my pilot web-projects was an attempt to offer a concept of a new multimedia format. The project had name NOODOM and was presented in 2010. In my original conception, it was planned as a technology of a scripting of a few media-formats in one. I think, that Internet could be more interactive and to possess much more multimedia functions, than it has now. I dream, that in future a Web-space will be a true virtual reality, where a visitor would navigate with a higher pattern of comfort to access to a necessarily information.

I warn you that it was very immature work, but still I'm providing it for your judgement /

By this concept the Internet should become a true intellectual interlocutor: competent, delicate, intuitive and fascinating in its the limitless possibilities!

In a base of creating of Noodom project was an idea to bring forth an integral scientific social network, with the aim of promulgating or selling of scientific innovations, as well as popularizing of scientific knowledge for an open audience.This concept is very alive for me & I continue to work on it (because it still was not realized by no one, yet I sincerely believe that our future stands behind this format!) I'll do my best for future come faster!

About the author

Photo by A.Manko

That’s me.

My name is Katia, I’m a human being, sanguine, extravert, cosmopolitan, 34 years old, 56 kilogrammes,165 centimetres tall and I’m very-very strange person. I'm strange even for myself.  

I’m the strangest person, in life of every one, who knows me personally (by their honest opinion). Make your conclusions!

I'm a true fan of my own ideas! I wish to realize all of them in life, which have a lot!

I don't know if you'll believe me, if I say that I saw this in my dreams. I'm not flying so high every night, but those two times (I guess), when I walked in a similar place in my imaginary reality - to me was enough to make an effort to reproduce it a real 3D. I didn't capt some details yet, but for me it already looks very solid, very coherent. 


I'm very open to a contacts, in case of doubts, questions & suggestions, please mail directly to me: voowox@gmail.com
Kind Regards /